Sunday, September 18, 2011

Size Matters

Hmmm we all tend to think some things are just bigger than they really are.  I've found that with women,  it's the size of their cars.  
We want something so bad we want to squeeze it into our homes, but first it has to squeeze into our cars.  
Rachel and I came up with a creative way for her to get this table home, and she was glad to report that it made it home beautifully and fit perfectly into her space.

Band-Aids and tongue depressor jars  make great vases for someone who is
under the weather.

 A new side table

A delicious mix of color and patterns.

Here's an idea,  buy one of these from us and take it down the street to Maigolds
and have her fill it with a fabulous $5.00 bouquet, then make someone's day.
Have a glorious Sunday!

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