Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Decorating for Easter at My House

Decorating for the holidays is always fun, especially when you start putting away the winter and exchanging it for spring.  My hard and fast rule is "Always use what you have."  I wander around and look for things that are unique, and colorful.  I started with my closet and pulled out this pashmina.  (A pashmina is a stole/shaw/ wrap/scarf made with cashmere wool).  They make wonderful table scarfs as well.  It ended up looking better on the buffet.  

 Then I pull out the Easter stash and add some other items to the mix.  Like this great antique straw hat.
 Just start layering items of various heights,  and textures.  Sometimes it takes me a few hours, or even days of walking by and adding to.  As you can see from this picture to the next,  I wasn't quite finished, so I just kept playing.
 I pulled out some items from my cabinets that are colorful and evoke a spring/Easter feel like the large pitcher that doubles as a vase and the lettuce dish.  The flowers and all their wildness were the finishing touch that pulled it all together.

The dining room table

The mantel

The Foyer

The planters

The Front Porch

The door

 It's the details, that makes a house a home, and will make your guests feel special.


  1. Rejoice indeed my friend. Please fold me a book such as yours on the mantel, I love it.

  2. Love your spring decorations! Will you come do my house?