Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

This year my goal was to buy a real tree, support the local tree farmer, smell the fresh pine.  Then that voice in my head started in and I knew that someone could use that money for food instead.   So I got my clippers and went out to the back yard and pruned some large limbs off the bottom of my pine trees..
I stuck some bricks in the bottom of this old 
industrial trash can for weight...

 and made a very large arrangement of sorts, then I put the water in.  
That should have been step number one.
The can leaked all over my favorite large dictionary, so I had to switch cans.
 The end results are pretty much a Charlie Brown tree, 
but it's haphazardness is
 I dug out some ornaments that I haven't used for quite some time and went
with the nostalgic look.  
 Every little thing has a memory behind it.

Enjoy the little details of your holiday,
it's not the big ticket items, and the big
glittery tree.  It's enjoying the process and
making it special for our loved ones.  The
best gifts ever are the ones that are a truly a surprise,
and tug at your heart strings. 


  1. I heart your Charlie Brown tree, and the reason behind it, "to help another."

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