Friday, November 12, 2010

Who doesn't love cake?

Going back to the spring...remember when Linda came back to the shop with this retro cake picture?

It's straight out of the 70's, and looks like The Big Greek Wedding cake.  My first thought was
"Are you crazy girl friend?"  but the more you see it, the more it grows on you.  It's just so priceless, how could we part with it?  We can't! So we had to come up with an alternative, where everyone can get a piece of the cake!  We rent it.  Yes, for $25.00 you can use it for a weekend, and all the proceeds benefit Breast Cancer, or what ever charity you choose.  It would be great to use for your wedding shower and stick all your bridal party's little faces on the cake people.

One of our customer's (also a Linda) rented it for an event she planned.  The theme was a 70's Polish wedding.

 Complete with a retro bride.
She set this out a few days before the big even to start the excitement!  They served polish sausages and all the fixings, and cake of course!

So make your next fund raiser a Fun Raiser!