Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Harvesting the heart

I'm stressed!  I've been putting up green beans, hauling junk and am getting my son ready for college (we take him on Thursday).  So I just need to sit down with you all and chill.  Yes, you are my calm in the storm.

This is the part of summer that's hard, the letting go, putting up, and realizing that it's almost over.  On a happy note it's the harvest,  your reward for sticking it out.

The plant below was a blessing from the compost pile!  It's taking over the garden.  I knew it was either 
a squash or a mellon, and ended up being a winter squash (Turban).

I also harvest my herbs.  I'm loving the smells in my home right now.  Sage, oregano, russian sage.  I'll use some for cooking and some for decorations.
Here's my kit.  Just hang the line in a dry area with a cross breeze.  Open the paper clips and slip the herb bundle on one end and the other on the line.

Basil is waiting to be made into pesto, and to freeze in ice cube trays.  Then you can just pop a cube into your sauce and have fresh herbs waifing through your kitchen in the middle of winter.

There is a season for everything,  it's time to let go and let them learn and grow on their own.  I'm just thankful that HE picked me to be his mom.


  1. Pretty, pretty surprise squash! I have a surprise pumpkin up in my perennial border. Go figure.

  2. Love this post. Both of my children are now on their own. I'm so thankful God allowed me to be their mama.