Monday, July 5, 2010

Lake Trash

This just in... our favorite summer time color.  This piece would be great by the door, full of beach towels in the cubby,  and other quick to grab items for the beach.

the accessories if you please.

There's a bird in this cupboard!

This sweet little greenhouse sold the first night, but we have more parts and pieces to build more.

The island of evolution!

Chalk board (Aunt Barb do you recognize any thing here?)

Beach locker.

side tables in white.
See you on Wednesday!


  1. I need that beach locker in my life! (Still available???)

  2. Char I love the color on that beach locker! Have lockers I'm working on right at this moment, or I should say, I should be working on at this moment. Rather be reading this blog :)