Saturday, July 24, 2010

Color my World Colorado

After being in one of my favorite places for a spell and seeing all the beautiful colors in nature.  I had a profound feeling that my chosen color palate for my home reflects that place.  Then I started to think of other peoples homes and where they came from, life experiences if you will, and I could see it in there's as well.

Are you a beach person like Heather?  or maybe a Prairie Girl?  Or maybe a winter, spring or summer?  All the colors are found in nature.  Where does your heart lie?


  1. I think im a little bit of both....after looking at both blogs I think im a mixture of the two.....but if i had to pick beach....

  2. Wow...I am a beach know that..
    But that sure does look lovely!
    I've always said ... in my dream world I would own a log cabin in the woods and a cottage by the sea!
    But my heart definitly lies first with the sea:)