Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The old Table Cloth Trick

What I absolutely love about outdoor furniture is that it's so lightweight  and versatile (I can move it all by myself).  This room is a few steps down from my kitchen and is really a dining area, but in the winter I try to make it cozy and bring the outdoors in (my plants and wicker furniture and the pond fish!).  The draperies are a nice warm fabric that helps keep the winter winds out and our heating bills low.   

I've always wanted to have summer draperies and winter draperies but where do you store all that extra stuff?
My Aunt Barb (I love this woman!) sent me a whole load of antique linens.  I kept sorting through them and knew just what to do.  I know they are not all the same length but I just clipped them up on the curtain hooks and walla, easy, breezy summer time.  They keep the hot sun out and let the cool breeze blow right in.
I've moved my gazebo table in and it's a whole new look, crisp and light.

Over the kitchen sink-3 unmatched pillow cases.

My front porch got the wicker.  I just change the upholstery fabric with the season.

and the Gazebo got the ivy terrace (a free trash pick years ago).  My mom made the covers for the set with a reversible rusty color on the back.  So I can change up the look I want.

Now in the evenings we actually use this space.  We also have an outdoor table on the patio that gets used most nights in the summer months.

Love those lazy, hazy days of summer!

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  1. I love the furniture in the gazebo! That pale blue in the fabric is amazing! And what a transformation those antique linens made!!! Love it all!!!