Sunday, March 21, 2010

There's Junk in My Trunk!

Ok, so a typical day in the life of a junker goes something like this.  You wake up early and drink coffee, read the newspaper, scouring over sales etc.  Do your exercises so you can life some weight, and not hurt yourself.   Paint something before you leave home so it's dry by the time you return.  And venture out to all your favorite jaunts.  Oh, sorry you can't see this list, it's posted in black ink!

After you've filled your vehicle to capacity you have to find a place to put it.  This is always a challenge, since I don't have a warehouse.  It's my basement or the garage, (and the cars still have to fit!)

My basement-which right now is much, much fuller.

The before Junk Evolution dresser

The after Junk E. wine bar
Then we go a step farther and find all kinds of vintage, or retro accessories to match each and every item.       And in our spare time, we are dreaming up all kinds of new fun idea's and projects to share with you!


  1. That wine bar is genius and beautiful at that! I put a little plug in for you guys on my blog today.
    I hope to visit again soon.

  2. Very cool transformation! First time on your site, but I'll be back.