Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blue Sky and sunshine

This morning when I opened my shutter’s on the bathroom window I got that feeling that  takes my breath away.  Blue sky, sunshine, birds singing, frost covered trees bursting with new buds.  Gods masterpiece.  That guy....he never stops!  It’s something different everyday.  I'm always amazed!

Thats the feeling I got when I was 12 years old and my parents redid our (my twin sister Christine & my) bedroom.  We got the 60’s paneling and orange and red shag carpeting, and newly painted furniture.  Yes, we were rad.  Mom helped us place all our belongings on the new shelves, hang pictures and make up the beds.  Then I went and played and totally forgot about our “new” room, so when I walked in I got that feeling of awe that took my breath away, it really did.  So I went out and re-opened the door.  It didn’t happen the second time, but I never forgot the feeling.  I’m pretty certain that’s what made me go into Interior Design.  I love change.  Change is good, we all live for it.  We want the snow to change into spring, and then we change our clothes,  and so on and so forth.  

So we will be celebrating the change from a small booth at an antique mall to a real live shop in South Bend.  Please share in this wonderful celebration of change this weekend.
All the important information is in the last blog post.  

A permanent state of transition is man's most noble condition.   JUAN RAMOS JIMENEZ


  1. What a fun post. Bring on those buds!!! Pretty first pic, too! :) See ya Friday!

  2. I took some bud pictures like those this week... =) lovely antique shop... wish I could skip on over... it is kind of a long drive! LOL!
    Just Jenn ~ new follower!