Monday, January 11, 2010

ABC Gum (All ready been chewed)

This is rude, crude and socially unacceptable, but if you  repurpose you will come across some pretty unexpected things, and not all pleasant!
I bought some really cool retro school chairs, and when we were loading them up I felt the gum on the bottom of the chair.  I offered my son $10.  to scrape and clean, and he said it wasn't worth it. He said  to just get a can of liquid nitrogen.  I wonder how he knew this?

So yesterday when it was a sunny, beautiful winter day with the high of 20 degree's, I asked my darling husband to help me haul all the chairs out doors, and low and behold, the gum came right off with a little scrapping.  So yes, this cold weather is good for something!

the weapon of mass destruction!

He is rich who is content with the least: for contentment is the wealth of nature.  _Socrates

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  1. Just ran across your blog through the Barn House boys....I look forward to reading more! Looks like we both like junk;-)
    Have a blessed day!