Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh my Darlin Clemintine crates

Ok, so my son Weston absolutely loves clementines, and can eat a box in 2 days.  I found that the little boxes fit perfectly on my shelves in my craft closet.  I also save them for gift baskets.  I should first tell you that I don't buy gift wrap any more and haven't for years.  I feel that spending money on something you throw away is so wasteful in more ways than one,  and not good for the environment, so I make fabric gift bags or put the item in something useful.  For these little crates I would line them with a pretty dish towel or a scarf or even a scrap of fabric, then place the gift in.  They're great at Christmas for food gifts.

I just got done with my belt chair and had one small one left over.  I stapled it to the bottom of this crate and tucked West's toiletries in under his sink.
                                  This would be a great gift container too!
Does anyone else have some fun idea's for these little cuties?   I would love your thoughts, and please be thoughtful of your world when buying things that will just get thrown out again.  I brought my kids up using cloth napkins, cloth diapers and now cloth grocery bags.  They all turned out just fine.
Go Green!

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