Friday, May 15, 2009

Interior Design

My first love is and always will be Interior Design.  I guess you can say, that's what started the ball rolling.  So when ever I get a chance to make a lasting impression on a wall or a family, I will stand up to the challenge.  Last fall I refurbished  a home in Goshen.  My client never got to personalize their home when they bought it, so they put me to the task.  The home was on the river and a rustic/modern style.  It was very light and cold.  The bath room below is the before photo and above is after a faux finish technique.  The color is rich and makes her art collection really stand out.
This is a photo of the very dated wall covering before...
And a woven grass cloth after.  The rich colors and natural feel gave it such an inviting, warm feel.   I will share a lot more photo's of this home at a later date.  The owners said they finally felt like they were home, when it was all done.  My sister and I had painted their last home with a warm wash and they loved the versatility and warmth it brought into their home.  Plus it camouflages a multitude of sins!

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